I am Erick. I was born to Edward and Maryann in the year of the Christian Lord Nineteen Hundred and Seventy One. Hartford Connecticut was the city of my birth and the place I began the social shaping process. After spending almost a full year being infected with East coast ideals and values, I was moved with the rest of my family's possessions, to the suburbs of Denver Co. I spent the next 17 and a half years there ripening into the nerdy, loud-mouthed, eccentric, offensive, half-brained world ruler that joined the US Coast Guard in 1989. I spent the next 9 years, 11 months and 30 days fighting to maintain a small feeling of self. After joining the USCG and completing Bootcamp I was shipped off to the US territory of Guam where i got my first (thought would be my last) tattoo. I walked into Lowtide Tattoo and traded my HARDLY earned $35 for the mark the would become my daily life. Within a month I was back for my second tattoo and now I am about 35-40% tattooed. After being honorably discharged from the USCG in 1999, I started working at Pussycat Tattoo. I only worked here for about 9 months that time and thought I would be better off with a college education. I moved to North Carolina and enrolled in classes. School was not much different than the military (lots of assholes). So after I graduated with my BS in Geology I made another mad dash for Portland OR, and back to Pussycat Tattoo. My training began here at Pussycat, I trained under Saad Sweilem, with lots of assistance from all others who worked in the shop. So here I am at your service. Come in and see us.

In the shop: Friday - Tuesday