Sterilization Procedures

For your Health and safety

We are as concerned about your well-being as you are. To put you at ease, the following is a description of the procedures used for your new tattoo.

  1. The equipment and colors used for your tattoo are sterilized using hospital certified autoclave equipment.
  2. All areas of the body to be tattooed are washed, shaved, and antiseptically cleaned.
  3. We use latex-free gloves, tape, and protective barriers during your entire tattoo procedure.
  4. Needles are new, single use, and disposed of after using.
  5. Your new tattoo is covered with a sterile dressing and you are given instructions for its care when you take it with you.

Frequently asked questions about tattoo care:

Frequently asked questions about tattoo care:

Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

Remove your bandage 4-24 hours after getting your tattoo. Begin the following steps immediately:

  • Using just your hand, hot water and a mild, dye-free, fragrance-free soap, wash your tattoo.
    Blot your tattoo dry with a clean or disposable towel.

  • Immediately moisturize your tattoo. Use a NON-antibiotic ointment (Aquaphor, Bag Balm or A&D) to moisturize for the first three days. Switch to a white, fragrance free lotion (Aveeno, Cruel, Lubriderm) to moisturize the tattoo for the remainder of the healing period (2-4 weeks).

  • Remember that less is more when moisturizing your tattoo! Massage the moisturizer in until it does not look greasy or shiny. If the tattoo feels dry or itchy, it is ok to moisturize more often, just do not apply more at one time.

  • Please do not swim, hot tub or soak your tattoo while it is healing. It is ok to shower or wash the tattoo.

  • Please do not expose a healing tattoo to the sun or tanning beds. After the tattoo is healed, using sunblock per the manufactures's instructions can help to keep your tattoo looking new longer, UV rays WILL quickly fade your tattoo.

  • Do not pick or scratch your tattoo while it is healing.

  • All areas of the body heal differently, if additional aftercare is needed, your artist will go over it at the time of the procedure. Please don't hesitate to ask questions or share concerns.

  • Feel free to call us at any time. 503-786-8090